Reflections on Leadership

This week, I presented some reflections on leadership to my local chapter of the National Associations of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP). I’ve been the local chapter president for the past two years and involved with both the local chapter and the National organization for the past three. Thanks to everyone who showed up, and here’s a… Read More »

Packer Season Ticket Update – 2013

Received my 2013 Packers Season Ticket waiting list number!   It took quite a drop due to the renovations to Lambeau Field (that I helped pay for by buying a share of Packer stock). This kind of messes up my projection. It was at 105 years previously. Drawing another regression line gives me 60 years.… Read More »

How Mahler got me a job

There are many questions about what role the arts play in education. Orchestra, choir, band, theater are usually electives at a high school. They are often the first to be cut when budgets need cutting. But being in an orchestra taught me valuable lessons that would ultimately land me a job offer. I started playing… Read More »