The second page of the next chapter


I had a couple of P&G friends send me this screenshot of their Communicator IM. Just adds to the mystery of it all, doesn’t it? Thanks to my two good friends everyone for reading the first post! It’s kinda like opening day at the ballpark is always sold out, and the 2nd game is always less than 20,000 (although this year, I’m going to opening day for the Reds as they’re playing the Brewers!). So thanks if you’re reading on to post #2.

I’ve had so many people want to have lunch or meet up with me. I think it’s because they want to find out if I’ve lost my mind are intrigued by what I’m doing. Or maybe it’s because they like me? I’m very happy to meet up with anyone to keep in touch! And thanks to all for keeping me on their “fun stuff” lists.

The first week of my newfound life has gone by really fast and I haven’t gotten much started. I woke up on Thursday intending to get a lot done before heading back to Wisconsin for the Superbowl, but ended up finding a flooded basement. That took all day to get things stabilized. Then I went back to watch the big Packers win in the Superbowl!

Starting next week, I plan on dedicating 15 hours a week to working on business ideas. I’ve got about 3 that I think I’ll prioritize. I’ve set a goal: if I can make 15 hours a week for the weeks I’m in town until March 27th, I will go to opening day for the Reds against the Brewers! If not, I will give the tickets away.

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