Introducing… Wild Ting Enterprises


I’m happy to unveil today about a weeks worth of work coming up with the equity for my umbrella company, Wild Ting Enterprises. It was actually a lot of fun because I got to put down exactly what I was thinking. The process of designing the logo was actually extremely helpful in coming up with the equity, so I’ll just talk about how the logo came about!

I wanted to start with the Chinese character for my last name. I always thought it was neat that the character itself looked a lot like the letter “T”, which would be perfect for a logo with “Ting” in it. For those of you who don’t read Chinese, that’s the symbol that’s in gold. I think it’s neat that if you didn’t read Chinese, it would be a neat looking logo. I had one person ask me why every logo design submitted had the “T” written that way. There’s your answer Karen! This word is the third easiest Chinese character to write in the Chinese language (the easiest being the character for “one” which is just one line across, and second easiest “two” being two lines across).

The next part I wanted in the logo was the idea of many random things coming together into one. I wanted a “chaos theory” type concept, where out of randomness comes beautiful order. I’m a very random thinker. I tend to connect things that may appear to be very different on the surface but if you look more abstractly it’s very clear. I’m not a detailed planner, I think in this “order out of randomness” style that many institutions tried to straighten out of me. I thought about doing something with fractals, which I still think is a pretty neat idea that I might incorporate into a logo in the future.

I ended up with a photomosiac concept… I’m sure you’ve seen them before, they’re these computer generated pictures made up of a lot of smaller pictures. That’s what the squares of different shades of red represent. The idea is taking many individual ventures, represented by individual pictures, which really have no pattern to them, and putting them together to form a bigger picture. There are also little squares in the process of coming into place in the upper right to indicate that I plan on constantly adding new ventures to the mosaic.

The color scheme comes out of the idea of a Chinese red envelope. These red envelopes are most known for being given out during Chinese New Year from your elders. They symbolize good fortune and contain money… both things a good business enterprise needs! I also like the idea of respecting those who have come before you and helping others who come after you (being a mentor and having a mentor). And finally, it’s very fitting because my last day at P&G was on Chinese New Year Day.

So there you go! Feel free to check out the website, There I’ve listed a few placeholder ventures that I have been working on, or are planning to work on. This list isn’t quite complete yet as I’m still converging on what ventures I’ll be working on.

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