NAAAPing and other updates


I know previously I’ve talked about taking a lot of naps with the days I have off. But the title isn’t a typo. One of the things I wanted to do prior to leaving P&G was to establish a network outside of P&G. It’s hard, with P&G being such a large and well connected cult company. So, from the “there is life after P&G” category, I joined the local chapter of NAAAP, the National Association of Asian American Professionals (not to be confused with the NAACP, which I really think needs an updated name). It’s been a great way to meet people in different walks of life, and I got more than I bargained for when I went to a NAAAP leadership conference in beautiful and warm cold and rainy San Diego last week. It was great to represent the Cincinnati chapter nationally, and it was great to meet Asian-American¬†Professionals from all over the country!

In a previous post, I talked about my reward for hitting 15 hours a week of outside of work work: going to Reds opening day to see my Milwaukee Brewers absolutely crush take on the Cincinnati Reds. Today, I got the tickets in the mail (thanks Kevin for giving me to opportunity to buy them!), so this will definitely serve as inspiration to hit the goal! As even more inspiration, I’d decided to spice things up a bit… if I do hit my goal, I will also bring Scrubs4U owner Eric Wells with the second ticket. Eric has done a nice job of keeping me accountable because he’s been a great friend who’s been supportive of my entrepreneurial endeavors wants to go to opening day. (As an update, I hit 15 hours my first week, took the last two weeks off the record because I was on vacation, and am starting up again tonight).

Another exciting thing I’m doing is formalizing a corporate entity for the ideas I want to run with. I’ve had “Wild Ting LLC” for a while. I’ve decided to add “Enterprises” onto it, which won out over “Ventures” because it seemed more like a legit business versus an unknown exploration. First thing I’m doing is working hard to get customers coming up with a logo. So far, there are a couple I like and I hope to share it with you all soon!


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