Top 10 MIT Thoughts


I’m currently sitting on the campus of MIT in Boston on my second baseball trip of the year. Yesterday I went to see the Brewers beat the Red Sox amongst many other Brewers fans, and today I wasn’t able to get tickets to see the Brewers cream get lit up by the Red Sox. So, I decided to check out MIT. And, without further adieu, here are my Top 10 Thoughts as I’m sitting on the MIT campus:

10. I can’t figure out if I feel smarter or stupider

9. I wonder if I could make the basketball team.

8. I need to blend in… wait a minute, I’m an Asian guy carrying a backpack on the MIT campus. What more would it take to blend in? (See #7, #6)

7. I just put on my white iPhone earbuds to listen to the Brewers Red Sox game.

6. I’m sitting here on a laptop looking thoughtfully at the screen and typing.

5. A perk to going to school here is you know all the girls are smart, so just go after the pretty ones.

4. It seems like all the Asian parents here are really happy

3. I think I’d be considered cool here.

2. Boy this is a really long hallway.

And my number 1 MIT thought:

1. I’m $156,848 richer than all the students here!

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