Maybe Netflix, not Qwikster, is being bought?


Re-post from my Motley Fool CAPS community blog post:

OK my turn to weigh in on Netflix… Here’s a thought. What if Hastings split up the company to sell Netflix, i.e. the streaming part of the company, not Qwikster? This would make a ton of sense to companies like Apple, Amazon, or Google. Best bet in this scenario would be Google. They have the cash (they offered $6 billion for Groupon for crying out loud). They’d have no interest in DVDs. All of Netflix has a market cap of $6.8 billion, assume the Qwikster part is like half, that means Netflix itself would be $3.4 billion. Can you see Google offering up $6 billion to buy Netflix?

Just an outside the box thought…

UPDATE: Seems like I’m not the only one with this thought…

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