The Bears Still Suck – The Sequel


In honor of the Packers vs Bears tonight, I’ve pulled out the time tested The Bears Still Suck song written in 1986 by the Happy Schnapps Combo. And, in a sudden burst of inspiration, created a second verse for it that I will debut here, highlighting the Bears’s QB’s during the Favre and Rodgers era. Here’s the original:

Now sing along with the second verse!

It has been a while since this song was last sung,
The Packers have won 2 Superbowls while the Bears have won none.
The Pack is still the greatest team to ever play the game,
And the Bears they are still terrible that has been the same

When the Packers have been lead, by Rodgers and by Favre,
The Bears had 25 quarterbacks, most without an arm
All they can do is throw a wounded duck
And the Bears… Still… Suck

There’s Stenstrom and there’s Matthews, Miller, Cade McNown
Stewart, Orton, Hutchingson, Krenzel, Luke McCown
Chandler, Quinn, and Griese, Harbaugh, Henry Burris
Furrer, Kramer, Walsh, and Peter Tom Willis.

Grossman, Griese, Collins, Hanie, Moreno, Krieg
Oh boy this is smelling like a rotten egg
Now they have Jay Cutler, who likes to run amuck
And the Bears Still Suck


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