My Favorite Resources – From ACEL Dynamics of Leadership Conference


This weekend, I had the pleasure of presenting at the ACEL (Asian Corporate and Entrepreneur Leaders) Dynamics of Leadership Conference. My workshop was “How to be an Entrepreneur with No Ideas, No Money, and No Time.” I wanted to share some of my favorite books, blogs, and resources that I mentioned in the presentation with everyone!

Smart Passive Income (Podcast, Blog, e-books)

Founded by Pat Flynn (who is half Filipino), SPI is a great resource with podcasts, blog posts, and videos on how to make passive income online. He posts his monthly earnings (and it’s staggering!) and shows all the different ways to make money by selling electrons.

Lean Startup (Book)

This book really made the term “MVP” or Minimal Viable Product take off. It goes through an alternate methodology of starting up ventures, namely getting ideas out to market as fast as you can to get learning and re-defining measures. Like most of the things I read, I don’t follow the methodology step by step, but I do apply its concepts.

Little Bets (Book)

In this book, there is a snippet that talks about how Chris Rock tests his jokes out in a small comedy club in New Jersey. He bombs most of them, but takes the good ones and puts them into his final show. A great illustration of MVP.

The Amazing Seller (Podcast)

A great podcast and resource to help people source products from Alibaba and sell on Amazon. I personally haven’t sourced anything from China yet, but most of my Bucko sales are on Amazon. Again, I don’t follow the methodology step by step (at this point I choose to not do product giveaways to get quick reviews) but the concepts are great.

Take 10 (Book)

Where I get the “10 Minute Task” concept. You can get pretty far on 10 minutes a day, as long as you take those 10 minutes and really progress your venture forward (not just busywork) and you are consistently doing your 10 minute tasks daily.

EntreAsians (Community)

EntreAsians helps Asian Americans find fulfillment through entrepreneurship. This is the group I started to help bring us all together to support, inspire, and educate each other on our entrepreneurship journey.


See one of my first ever Facebook Live videos from the workshop… (sorry for the shaky hands)

Thanks to all who attended! Hope you all are working on your 10 minute task for today!


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