Scenes from the EntreAsians RetreAt


On Saturday January 21, we had our second ever EntreAsians retreat in Orange County, CA! It was a great crowd, ranging from wantrepreneurs to semipreneurs to new full time entrepreneurs. We had students, recent graduates, and young looking older people!

Thanks to Rebecca Okamoto of for teaching entrepreneurs how to pitch, Emily Liu and Kim Matsudaira for telling us about Dragonfruit Media (and making us all crave Malaysian food from one of your videos), and Farzana Nayani for informing us about minority business certifications.

After the session, we all went to Season’s Kitchen in Anaheim (the subject of one of Emily and Kim’s videos) and got the VIP treatment from fellow EntreAsian Khim Teoh:

We got a great behind the scenes tour of how a restaurant operates, and the story of Khim’s entrepreneurial journey.

Here are some takeaways from our participants:

“The opportunity is solving a problem that everyone is having. Entrepreneurship is not an all or none proposition, a side hustle is a great place to begin.”

“People have been telling me to do the minority business certification for a while but I didn’t quite know what to do with it. Good to know I have someone who can help!”

“Goals in 10 minute increments!!! That has been my mantra the past few days – and it works.”

“I like the pain points, that stuck with me.” (Referring to identifying pain points as something to build a business around)

“There’s a big opportunity to develop a starter kit or a startup bootcamp.”

“Sometimes the knowledge that we take for granted (e.g. note taking apps, or payment options) is something that other people know very little about.”

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