2023 Year in Review: Tough breaks, but it’s all right


I just completed my review and reflection of 2023. 2023 threw me a lot of bad breaks. These bad breaks made me hyper aware of how time is finite. Our parents won’t be around forever. I won’t be around forever. My 46th birthday was the first one in which I did not want to happen, as I suddenly didn’t want time to pass. Before, I would own moving on to the next number. “I’m a man, I’m 40.42 is the answer to everything. Life was moving in the right direction. But this year, I didn’t want time to move forward.

That said, despite these bad breaks and challenges, I’m not in a bad place emotionally. I have a lot to be grateful for. I have a lifestyle business that gives me time, location, and financial freedom. In 2023 we could freely be around old friends and make new friends again. I mostly like alone time, but the times where I do want to be around people, these people have been like gold to me (much better than some abstract thing in the blockchain), keeping me sane and happy.  

In fantasy football, sometimes you can score the 2nd highest point total of the week and your opponent scores the 1st highest (you have zero control over what your opponent scores). Fittingly, this year my team led the league in points scored against (PA). FML.

However, I also know that bad breaks even out with good breaks. All you can do is to increase the probability of good breaks, i.e. move the bell curve to the right. For 2024, I’m going to do that by being the most authentic self I can be to attract the right people and opportunities for me. I was trying to come up with some mantras and visuals for the year (my first thought was “be in touch with myself” but I don’t think I’m going to use that). Lean in. The law of attraction. Double down on myself. Right now, the winner is Winnie the Pooh and his honeypot attracting bees. Just be myself, keep the honey sweet, and the right bees will come.

2023 was a year of bad breaks. Sometimes life throws you bad breaks. But then sometimes, on the last day of the year, you win your fantasy football league despite being the 5th seed. 

On to 2024.

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