About Me


Top 10 things about me:

Worked at Procter and Gamble as a product development engineer for 10 years, left in February of 2011.

After P&G, worked part time as a product development consultant

Living the life in Redondo Beach, CA Orange County, CA running a lifestyle business. The Bucko Regal Beagle brand products (www.regalbeagle.biz) pays the bills and ConfidencePoolPicks.com is growing fast.

Grew up in Wisconsin (big Wisconsin sports fan), lived in Cincinnati, OH, and recently moved to now live in southern California

Enjoy investing – subscribe to the Peter Lynch philosophy of investing. (Addendum: not bitcoin or Gamestop).

Fan of analytics, or anything where you try to find the real truth and not speculation, conjecture, or myth. And then leverage it to your advantage (yes, loved Moneyball).

Love working from remote locations (I’m typing this at a coffee shop)

Graduated from the Univ of Wisconsin in 2000 with a Chemical Engineering degree. Got my MBA in 2007 from Xavier University.

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