Maybe Netflix, not Qwikster, is being bought?

Re-post from my Motley Fool CAPS community blog post:

OK my turn to weigh in on Netflix… Here’s a thought. What if Hastings split up the company to sell Netflix, i.e. the streaming part of the company, not Qwikster? This would make a ton of sense to companies like Apple, Amazon, or Google. Best bet in this scenario would be Google. They have the cash (they offered $6 billion for Groupon for crying out loud). They’d have no interest in DVDs. All of Netflix has a market cap of $6.8 billion, assume the Qwikster part is like half, that means Netflix itself would be $3.4 billion. Can you see Google offering up $6 billion to buy Netflix? read more

Do your research at the mall, and listen to your wife

Quick update of stocks that I’ve picked up the last few weeks amid all the turmoil. (BTW, I follow the Peter Lynch philosophy of investing… in a nutshell, it’s “do your stock research at the mall.” Basically invest in companies you know, and forget silicone microchip asteroid mining companies. Another one of his adages is always listen to your wife for stock advice, because they are the ones that spend the money know the trends.) read more