Packer season tickets… THAT MUCH CLOSER

Taking a break from excessively annoying to people who don’t follow baseball exciting Brewers news…


 Stock sale possible to help Green Bay Packers fund 6,600-seat Lambeau Field expansion Packers are adding 6,600 seats to Lambeau. This is good for me two reasons: 1. There will be a nice dent in my season ticket waiting list number by 6,600 (now at 44,467), and 2. I might get a chance to be a Packer shareholder if they decide to sell more worthless stock to fund this! Then I can put “Attend Packer Shareholder Meeting” on my bucket list. Here’s my latest Packer season ticket waiting list graph:

Opening Day 2011!

As a reward for hitting 15 hours a week of work for the month of April, I rewarded myself and my accountability buddy Eric with a trip to opening day at Great American Ballpark where my hometown Milwaukee Brewers were taking on the Cincinnati Reds. The game was great, the Brewers started off with back to back home runs to start the season and ended with a nice clean save by closer John Axford a walk off 3 run home run by Ramon Hernandez in the bottom of the ninth of Brewers closer John Axford. 🙁 read more

Should the Brewers be more aggressive on the bases?

I just saw an article by Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on how the new Brewers manager will be more aggressive on the bases… I find it interesting that new managers always say that (kinda like new basketball managers saying they’re going to focus on defense, Scott Skiles). Anyways, I always thought that getting thrown out on the bases was really bad because you not only lose the runner on base, but you add another out to the inning (totally against Moneyball). Since I’ve been reading a lot of Advanced NFL stats (I love constantly looking back at win probability chart of the Superbowl and seeing the “100% win probability for the Pack at the end of it), and since I’ve been trying to fill the football void, I decided to try to figure out being more aggressive was the right move or not for baseball. read more