East Coast Road Trip – The Sequel

Last night I returned from my 2.5 week baseball road trip out to the east coast! The map below shows all the places I visited over those 2.5 weeks. Here are some fun facts from this trip:

  • Distance driven: 2,449 miles
  • Cities visited: 14
  • Brewers record during my trip: 6-9 (were in first place in the Central Division when I started, fell out of first place when I ended)
  • Brewers record in games I attended: 1-2
  • % of Meals including lobster: 28.9% (11 out of 38, including breakfast twice… lobster omelets!)
  • Consecutive days having lobster: 6 (thanks to Jean for ordering a lobster sushi roll on June 25 in Connecticut for the sole purpose of keeping the streak alive)
  • Halls of Fame visited: 3 (Rock and Roll, Baseball, and Basketball… I did pass near the football HOF and by the US Soccer HOF, and apparently the volleyball HOF also)
  • Most random thing I saw: Stephen King’s house in Bangor, Maine
  • Best meal: Katz Deli in New York City… the pastrami was so good it almost melted in your mouth!

Had a great time! It’s amazing how much time I spent out on the road, and I still ran out of time (and meals). read more

Top 10 MIT Thoughts

I’m currently sitting on the campus of MIT in Boston on my second baseball trip of the year. Yesterday I went to see the Brewers beat the Red Sox amongst many other Brewers fans, and today I wasn’t able to get tickets to see the Brewers cream get lit up by the Red Sox. So, I decided to check out MIT. And, without further adieu, here are my Top 10 Thoughts as I’m sitting on the MIT campus: read more

Opening Day 2011!

As a reward for hitting 15 hours a week of work for the month of April, I rewarded myself and my accountability buddy Eric with a trip to opening day at Great American Ballpark where my hometown Milwaukee Brewers were taking on the Cincinnati Reds. The game was great, the Brewers started off with back to back home runs to start the season and ended with a nice clean save by closer John Axford a walk off 3 run home run by Ramon Hernandez in the bottom of the ninth of Brewers closer John Axford. 🙁 read more

Introducing… Wild Ting Enterprises

I’m happy to unveil today about a weeks worth of work coming up with the equity for my umbrella company, Wild Ting Enterprises. It was actually a lot of fun because I got to put down exactly what I was thinking. The process of designing the logo was actually extremely helpful in coming up with the equity, so I’ll just talk about how the logo came about! read more