More on the last day

It’s always a little awkward when one second you’re a P&G employee and another second you’re almost public enemy number one. As I mentioned previously, I wasn’t expecting to be walked out of the office since I didn’t think OneCare was considered a competitor. In fact, after I called to tell them I could start earlier than I expected because I was let go early, they asked “Really? Why?” read more

Should the Brewers be more aggressive on the bases?

I just saw an article by Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on how the new Brewers manager will be more aggressive on the bases… I find it interesting that new managers always say that (kinda like new basketball managers saying they’re going to focus on defense, Scott Skiles). Anyways, I always thought that getting thrown out on the bases was really bad because you not only lose the runner on base, but you add another out to the inning (totally against Moneyball). Since I’ve been reading a lot of Advanced NFL stats (I love constantly looking back at win probability chart of the Superbowl and seeing the “100% win probability for the Pack at the end of it), and since I’ve been trying to fill the football void, I decided to try to figure out being more aggressive was the right move or not for baseball. read more

The second page of the next chapter

I had a couple of P&G friends send me this screenshot of their Communicator IM. Just adds to the mystery of it all, doesn’t it? Thanks to my two good friends everyone for reading the first post! It’s kinda like opening day at the ballpark is always sold out, and the 2nd game is always less than 20,000 (although this year, I’m going to opening day for the Reds as they’re playing the Brewers!). So thanks if you’re reading on to post #2. read more

A brand new beginning

On February 2nd,  I left P&G, my employer for the last 10 years. Fittingly, February 2nd was also Groundhog’s Day Chinese New Year, symbolizing 6 more weeks of winter a new beginning. I know a lot of people are wondering what happened to me. I didn’t expect to leave that day – I actually expected to stay a couple more weeks to wrap things up –  so the suddenness of my departure probably added to the apathy drama and intrigue of my situation. I’m really honored and touched to have so many friends and colleagues who cared about me enough to check in with me to see what happened. So I think I owe it to everyone to let you know! read more