Yanged by Yang

On election day in 2016, I was visiting San Francisco, watching the electoral vote count add up for Trump until it became clear that he was going to be elected. I was somewhere between being disappointed and devastated, as to me, he was the epitome of a terrible leader. 

Of course, the hatred started flying. People were outraged, the usual jokes about moving to Canada, doomsday predictions, and the bashing of Trump supporters.  read more

Making sense out of all these credit card point programs

As an e-commerce business owner, I put a lot of stuff on credit cards. Inventory, ppc ads, business-ish travel, and business-ish meals. So I finally gave in to this credit card hacking craze. I was a little skeptical about how long a credit card company could give away all these points/dollars/miles, but I finally just decided to get in the game. I still think the credit card industry is ripe for a disruption (businesses pay a lot to take credit cards), but meanwhile I’ll take what I can. read more

8 Year Anniversary

Eight years ago today, on Lunar New Year Day, I left the corporate mother ship to begin an unknown venture towards entrepreneurship. I saw the Lunar New Year theme as a sign of new beginnings and fortune, and it’s fitting that it’s 8 years to the day, as the number 8 symbolizes prosperity. read more