2017: The Year of Scale Up

I worked in process development back in my corporate days. What is process development? Basically, I figure out how to make a million of something. In other words, it’s about taking something someone has developed in a lab and putting in a process to make a lot of it. The buzzword is “scale-up.” For example, there’s a new formula for Downy that was developed in the lab with beakers and test tubes. We want to figure out how to make it at the plant, which may mean new tanks, new pumps, and mixers. read more

Reflections on one year in SoCal

Yesterday, I moved myself out my apartment as my lease was up. It had been exactly one year since paying rent for the first time. It gave me a chance to reflect upon life as a full time entrepreneur for the past year.

Last year, when I first moved in, I was making some revenue, but it was still pretty tight. Now I’ve saved up money from my corporate days, but I really didn’t want to touch savings if I could help it. Since I had gotten rid of almost all of my belongings when I moved back home to Milwaukee, I had to go through the process of buying all the little things like pots, pans, silverware, salt, pepper, TV’s, desks, shelves, etc. again. These things start to add up pretty quickly. It was great being on my own again, but I was also starting to feel just how much it costs just to exist (especially in California!). read more

Scenes from the EntreAsians RetreAt

On Saturday January 21, we had our second ever EntreAsians retreat in Orange County, CA! It was a great crowd, ranging from wantrepreneurs to semipreneurs to new full time entrepreneurs. We had students, recent graduates, and young looking older people!

Thanks to Rebecca Okamoto of Evoke.pro for teaching entrepreneurs how to pitch, Emily Liu and Kim Matsudaira for telling us about Dragonfruit Media (and making us all crave Malaysian food from one of your videos), and Farzana Nayani for informing us about minority business certifications. read more

The opposite of regret

I wrote this post last September, but didn’t publish it because it was too soon at the time and the emotions were too raw. I found it again while looking through my notes, and it corresponded to someone asking me “when’s the last time your cried?” After four months, I feel a little more comfortable sharing this.  read more