Reflections on 4 (and a half) years post-Procter

In July of 2012, I published a post entitled Reflections on one (and a half) years post-Procter. It is now June of 2015, or four and a half years after I left the corporate mother ship, or three years after the last post.

It’s fun to look back and see how things shook out, and maybe try to connect the dots looking backward. Here are some thoughts after reading my previous post again: read more

A reply to a financial question

I recently received a comment on my post “A peek into my stock portfolio,” so I figure I’d try to answer the questions with my thoughts:

“Thanks so much for this, you make investment sound so do-able, even for me. Got a couple of q’s (1)How should the portfolio adjust the older we get – am in my mid 40s? Why do some people not recommend stocks and bonds the older we get. (2) Liquidity is key the older we get, but got to ensure it beats inflation kill out,so what’s the best way to do this. Thanks.” read more

Packer Season Ticket Update – 2013

Received my 2013 Packers Season Ticket waiting list number!


It took quite a drop due to the renovations to Lambeau Field (that I helped pay for by buying a share of Packer stock).


This kind of messes up my projection. It was at 105 years previously. Drawing another regression line gives me 60 years. But the people mentioned in the article above got theirs in in 33 years (their father apparently put their names on the list when they were born). Gives me hope! read more