Working on vacation… vacationing while working?

My ultimate dream is to be able to work from anywhere I want. And by anywhere, I mean on a beautiful beach. I came across Neville’s post on NevBlog and he was bragging about his mobile office… on the beaches of Puerto Rico. He calls it a “workcation.”

I have a couple of similar experiences that really inspired me… One was on a trip to Hawaii. The first thing my friends said to me was “how sad is it that you’re working on vacation.” But little do they know… I was vacationing while working. The vision is to vacation while working, not working while on vacation. read more

Google adwords vs. the Bullsheet – upset special!

One of the skills I knew I needed to develop after leaving the corporate world was how to nap better marketing and promotions. The easiest thing to do, of course, was buy Google ads. That’s what I did for Tremore Breeze Smoker. It did very well, generating lots of hits and getting us on many BBQ sites. Overall, it costed about $300 over a month or so. read more

Fail early and off-Broadway

Nice article on failure and its role in success. I love the concept of failing small and fast so you can succeed big.

Fail early and off-Broadway

One of my favorite books, Little Bets, talks about this philosophy as well. For instance, Chris Rock tells jokes at a small club and most of them bomb. But that’s all part of the process to find the best jokes. I try to find ways to fail small and learn a lot. It makes it a lot easier to get inspired to do something if you think of it as failing small to learn big. read more