East Coast Road Trip – The Sequel

Last night I returned from my 2.5 week baseball road trip out to the east coast! The map below shows all the places I visited over those 2.5 weeks. Here are some fun facts from this trip:

  • Distance driven: 2,449 miles
  • Cities visited: 14
  • Brewers record during my trip: 6-9 (were in first place in the Central Division when I started, fell out of first place when I ended)
  • Brewers record in games I attended: 1-2
  • % of Meals including lobster: 28.9% (11 out of 38, including breakfast twice… lobster omelets!)
  • Consecutive days having lobster: 6 (thanks to Jean for ordering a lobster sushi roll on June 25 in Connecticut for the sole purpose of keeping the streak alive)
  • Halls of Fame visited: 3 (Rock and Roll, Baseball, and Basketball… I did pass near the football HOF and by the US Soccer HOF, and apparently the volleyball HOF also)
  • Most random thing I saw: Stephen King’s house in Bangor, Maine
  • Best meal: Katz Deli in New York City… the pastrami was so good it almost melted in your mouth!

Had a great time! It’s amazing how much time I spent out on the road, and I still ran out of time (and meals). read more